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Inner Circle MBA Launches May 2022

London, UK 24 May 2022Inner Circle MBA, a holistic admissions consultancy, launches today dedicated to helping candidates maximise their MBA success pre- and post-program. The consultancy is headed up by Brett Hunter, previously Director of Recruitment and Admissions, Leadership Programmes at London Business School, and a qualified occupational, ability and personality NEO-PI-3 tester

Inner Circle MBA combines psychometric testing with industry experience to guide candidates through the MBA admission process. The consultancy sets the path from the very first step by creating an accurate view of career success and building a tailored strategy for the individual’s entire MBA journey. This takes them from application stage through to business school choice while maximising opportunities during the program right through to the career outcomes. 

Brett Hunter was previously Chair of Admissions Committees at London Business School, as well as at Columbia Business School and HKU Business School through the EMBA-Global partnerships program at London Business School where he worked for 13 years.

Commenting on the launch, Brett Hunter, founder and principal consultant, Inner Circle MBA, says, “There’s a gap in the market for an admissions consultancy that looks beyond the candidate’s resume to understand their motivations and goals. An MBA is a huge investment for most people and has the potential to be life changing.

“Inner Circle MBA isn’t just about helping people get that offer letter. I believe that the admissions stage is very much part of the MBA journey and needs to be done right to maximise opportunities post MBA. Of course, based on my experience, I know what it takes to be admitted to a top tier MBA program and can help candidates tell a story that matches what a top tier MBA program wants. But, more importantly, I want to draw that out of people.”

Packages include modules dedicated to personal brand, resume building, storytelling, essay writing, interview skills as well as an application checking service with tailored pricing based on bronze, silver and gold levels. Bespoke by the hour services are also available.

For more information visit, Inner Circle MBA.

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