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White male Executive MBA student with a beard holding notebook and pen in business school classroom

Our philosophy

At Inner Circle MBA our core philosophy is that admission to a top tier MBA programme revolves around two things: what’s in it for you, and what’s in it for them.

With this fundamental principle of shared success we help you build your business school application in a way that maximises your success, both in gaining admission to your programmes of choice and in starting your business school journey in the right direction for your career goals.

Young white female MBA student smiling and writing in business school classroom

Our process

How do we get to a clear view of success?  We believe that your application is your chance to share your story.  We start with a psychometric test, discuss the outcomes, and put this at the centre of your story.  We assess your career goals based on your test results and education and career history, and select which business schools you should apply to based on that.

These end goals are then central to your application story which answers the first two questions all Admissions Committees ask: what do you bring to the school while you’re there, and what will you bring to the school when you’re done?

Smiling female hispanic MBA student holding tablet in business school cloisters

Your outcome

We’ll help you get to know yourself better so that you can then share your story with the schools you choose to apply to.  Then we’ll hone your skills through workshops on CV/resume building, application strategy, storytelling and essay writing, and interview skills.

If you choose to you can also work with us on scholarship applications or securing company sponsorship.  No matter which package you choose we always end with making sure your first few steps on your MBA journey are in the right direction.

We share the belief of top tier Admissions Committees that the application stage is the beginning of your journey with your chosen school.  That journey can go by pretty quickly.  We’ll make sure you don’t get lost along the way.

Brett Hunter founder and principal consultant of Inner Circle MBA an MBA admissions consulting service

About our Pricipal Consultant

Brett Hunter is the founder and Principal Consultant of Inner Circle MBA.  With over 13 years of experience on Admissions Committees of top-tier business schools, including as chair of Admissions Committees at London Business School, Columbia Business School and University of Hong Kong Business School, Brett has admitted thousands of candidates to world-class MBA programmes.

As Director of Recruitment & Admissions for Leadership Programmes at London Business School Brett was an influential figure in the Executive MBA space and was heavily involved in the development of the Executive Assessment in conjunction with GMAC and colleagues at Columbia Business School, the University of Chicago Booth School of Business, INSEAD, CEIBS, and the University of Hong Kong Business School.

Brett has previously worked in assessment at the University of Cambridge, and is a qualified occupational, ability and personality test user with eligibility for the British Psychological Society.  Brett believes that storytelling is at the heart of human interaction, and with a lifetime of travel and stints living in Australia, Japan and the UK, has more than enough stories to share.

All of this means he knows what it takes to be admitted to a top-tier MBA programme. More importantly, he knows how to draw that out of you.

Brett lives in London with his wonderful wife and two sons, all of whom probably have a few stories to tell of their own.