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Our services


From $5000

Personality assessment

Strategy builder

Personal brand builder

Resume builder

Storytelling workshops

Essay writing workshops

Interview skills workshops

Your business school path


From $5500

Everything in Bronze, plus:

Inside Admissions Committees

Additional essay writing modules, focusing on effective storytelling

Scholarships and other funding methods

Your business school choice


From $6000

Everything in Silver, plus:

Advanced application strategy

Additional interview skills modules, focusing on personal impact

Onboarding and preparing to navigate your new journey

Bronze medal

Bronze Plan

The Bronze Plan covers what you need for a start-to-end admissions journey with your choice of schools.

We start with an assessment of who you are and what that means for your business school journey. We follow that with strategy, personal brand and resume building sessions, and then storytelling, essay writing and interview skills workshops.

The plan ends with a strategy session on the path you should take through your business school of choice to ensure you maximise your chances of making a real return on investment through your career outcomes.

Silver medal

Silver Plan

The Silver Plan offers everything the Bronze Plan does, but with a more detailed view of what business schools are looking for to allow you to better pitch your candidacy. 

You will also receive additional support on essay writing, with clear integration of what you have learned in the storytelling workshop, to make your essays truly unique. On top of that, there is a dedicated module on scholarships and other funding, allowing you to maximise your external funding opportunities and ease the financial burden of your program.

The plan ends with an additional module where we weigh up multiple offers from different schools to ensure you make the right choice for your career.

Gold medal

Gold Plan

The Gold Plan is for those who want to ensure that no stone is left unturned on their application journey, and who want to give themselves the best possible opportunity to differentiate themselves from the competition.

We include an advanced application strategy which looks at trends in business education from your specific segment – a full personal analysis of everything that Admissions Committees will look at in terms of industry, job function, nationality, residence, gender, and, most importantly, desired business school outcomes. 

You will also receive an enhanced interview skills module, focusing on how to maximise your personal impact, and a dedicated onboarding module, where we discuss the various paths and opportunities available to you in the time before your programme starts.

Plan pricing USD

1 School2 Schools3 Schools4 Schools5 Schools6 Schools7 Schools8 Schools
Gold Plan$6000$8000$9500$11000$12500$13500$14350$15000
Silver Plan$5500$7250$8500$9800$11000$11750$12400$13000
Bronze Plan$5000$6600$7600$8700$9750$10500$11250$11750

Plan pricing GBP

1 School2 Schools3 Schools4 Schools5 Schools6 Schools7 Schools8 Schools
Gold Plan£5000£6500£7800£9000£10250£11000£11750£12300
Silver Plan£4500£6000£7000£8000£9000£9750£10200£10750
Bronze Plan£3750£5400£6250£7150£8000£8600£9250£9750

Plan pricing EUR

1 School2 Schools3 Schools4 Schools5 Schools6 Schools7 Schools8 Schools
Gold Plan€5750€7750€9150€11000€12000€13000€13850€14500
Silver Plan€5300€7000€8150€9500€10600€11350€12000€12500
Bronze Plan€4850€6400€7350€8400€9400€10150€10850€11350

Full pricing plans available for multi-school packages. Log on to our website on your desktop PC for full details.

Modular options

Don’t need a full admissions plan? Focus on the gaps you need filled.

Personal Branding Module

$750 / £615 / €700

Your personal brand is the foundation on which you pitch your value. We’ll identify it, hone it, and get it right.

Resume Builder Module

$750 / £615 / €700

Your resume is your elevator pitch and gets you through the door. We’ll make sure you’re saying what business schools want to hear.

Storytelling Module

$750 / £615 / €700

Schools want you to be able to share your story, and it is critical in gaining admission to top programs. We’ll help you find your voice.

Essay Writing Module

$750 / £615 / €700

Your essays are your chance to share who you are, and what makes you unique. We’ll teach you how best to put your stories down on paper.

Interview Skills Module

$750 / £615 / €700

The interview is where it all comes together. Your whole application boiled down to a conversation. We’ll make sure you put your best foot forward.

Application Checking Service

$750 / £615 / €700

Application all done and ready to submit to your school of choice? We’ll check it over, offer advice and edits, and make sure you’re good to go.